UPDATE – February 6th 2014: New addition to the site – Ukulele chords for the most frequently downloaded songs from rabbitchords! Go here for a look.

Welcome to rabbit chords – A collection of chords and tabs from Hem’s various stunning albums, Rabbit Songs, Eveningland, No Word From Tom, Funnel Cloud, Twelfth Night, Departure and Farewell, plus a few other eps, downloads etc. The Hem Songbook, which collates all the songs into a single page-numbered and indexed document is now also available for you fine folk to download.

Corrections, additions and alternative arrangements are welcome – There are still a few songs which may not be 100% accurate…. If you figure them out, please feel free to email me at wheniwasdrinking[at]gmail.com

While you’re here, have browse through my trading list – Tradingland – I have a good few Hem shows in my collection and I’m always happy to set up trades for them.

Thanks of course to the members of Hem for providing us all with such wonderful music over the past years, and to the many contributors who have submitted chords or corrections to rabbit chords. And some extra thanks to Christina at allabouthem.com who transcribed many of the lyrics that have been used here.