Chord listing updated April 2013. Corrections, additions and alternative arrangements are welcome! There are still a few songs which may not be 100% accurate…. If you figure them out, please feel free to email me at wheniwasdrinking[at], or leave a comment below.

RabbitSongs Rabbit songs
When I was drinking
Half acre
Betting on trains
Leave me here
All that I’m good for
Idle (the rabbit song)
Stupid mouth shut
Lazy eye
Night like a river
The cuckoo
EveninglandCover Eveningland
The fire thief
My father’s waltz
A-hunting we will go
An easy one
Dance with me, now darling
The beautiful sea
Pacific Street
Carry me home
No+Word+From+Tom No word from Tom
Rainy night in Georgia
Radiation vibe
The present
So Central rain
The Tennessee waltz
Crazy arms
Oh no
The city and the traveler
album-funnel-cloud Funnel cloud
We’ll meet along the way
He came to meet me
Not California
Funnel cloud
Too late to turn back now
The pills stopped working
Hotel fire
Great houses of New York
Old Adam
I’ll dream of you tonight
Almost home
twelfthnight Twelfth night
Take, O take those lips away
Full fathom five
O mistress mine
Come away death
Where is fancy bred?
Hey robin, jolly robin
I am gone, sir
The wind and the rain
DepartureFarewellFinal Departure and farewell
Departure and Farewell
Walking Past The Graveyard,
Not Breathing
Things Are Not Perfect In Our Yard
The Seed
The Jack Pine
Seven Angels
Gently Down The Stream
Bird Song
Traveler’s Song
The Tides At The Narrows
Last Call
So Long
other tunes Other tunes (singles, EPs, etc)
A dream is a wish your heart makes
(Angels wanna wear my) red shoes
Half asleep
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Identical snowflakes
In a barrel at sea
Living without you
No hiding place
Peace at last
St. Charlene
The meeting place
The part where you let go
The world is outside
Valentine’s day
While my hand was letting go
You can’t always get what you want

One thought on “Chords

  1. Tom Horn says:

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for your work and passion! I have searched for a site like this for a long time.

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