ukemapNEW – Ukulele chords for the most downloaded songs from rabbitchords!

I’ve started with the 12 most popular songs, but I plan to work my way through a good chunk of the Hem back catalogue as time permits.  

These chords often vary from the main guitar chord section, as standard tuned ukuleles are in a different key to guitars, plus Hem songs regularly make use of capos, which don’t really tie in with day-to-day uke usage. On occasion, I’ve also simplified the chords, or left a couple of transitional chords out.

Each song contains fingering charts for ukulele, sometimes with alternate chord structures and voicings. 

Hopefully these come in handy for ukulele-playing Hem fans, but may be of particular value for kids just starting out at learning these great songs.

If there are any songs which people feel may be particularly suited to ukeifying, feel free to contact me to request them. Corrections always welcome too! Enjoy!

Uke chords to date:

Half Acre
When I Was Drinking
Not California
Pacific Street
My Father’s Waltz
Carry Me Home
Stupid Mouth Shut
The Fire Thief
The Cuckoo

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